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order A SINGLE custom stickER starting FOR

Rs 299/ -


If you check out, you will find stickers selling at Rs 99 to Rs 199.

We are charging Rs 299 for a custom die cut sticker because you will not find such SINGLE ORDER OPTION anywhere else. 

​The option to create a single sticker is not really available on Indian sticker sites. Every site prints in bulk of 50-100 stickers at a time as that saves material and is cost effective.

But it is quite possible you might not need more than 2 or max 10 of one type of custom design. In such case we can help you out by printing limited custom stickers at a premium price.

Shipping is Free in India for more than 3 custom stickers but if you require on an urgent basis, please let us know, as premium one/two day shipping is chargeable and expensive.

Pricing (approx) 

(For 3 inches x 3 inches size and below).

Single Sticker = Rs 299

Upto 5 stickers = Rs 280 each

Upto 10 Stickers = Rs 260 each

​For more than 10 stickers check our bulk sticker page.

For a bigger size (max a4 size) we will  send you a quote.

​You can also use the form on the left to order a sample sticker.

order A single custom sticker


Have a special design in mind which you would like to convert into

a reusable gadget sticker?


Contact us and we will create and ship to you a custom sticker of your design.

Why a single sticker is so expensive?