Skull Kraken Sticker
Cartoon Dino Sticker


Our Stickers come with removable elctrostatic glue. When applied on a dust free surface, they can easily be removed and reapplied 99 times on any clean surface.

Lua Game Coding Sticker


I Love MMORPG Games Sticker


Evolution Sticker

Reusable Gadget Stickers

Life Has Only One One Up Sticker
Flying Punjab Sticker
I Survived The Alien Invasion Sticker

apply on any surface

C Universal Game Coding Sticker
Orc Sticker
Mammoth Sticker
Gamers Don’t Die, They Respawn Sticker


Our removable stickers can be applied on any surface like glass, wood, metal, even netted frames of CPU cabinets and are great for laptops and mobiles.

Game On Sticker
I Am Proud To Be A Gamer Sticker
Hog Boxer Sticker
Monsters Not Allowed Sticker

We sell our cool designs through sticker sites like Check out our sticker designs below and you can purchase them from their official website by clicking on them.

water proof

Gaming Is In My DNA Sticker
Bio Hazard Sticker
Evil Bat Sticker
Stay A While And Listen Sticker


Bear Guard Sticker
Devil Sticker
Baby Triceratops Sticker
Can’t Talk Now, MVP Boss Fight Sticker
Ape Hero Sticker
I Have Lots Of Lives Sticker
Rhino Man Sticker


English Vinglish Sticker
Mature Game Content Rating Sticker
I Turn Coffee Into Games Sticker


Stickers are laminated to improve shelf life and it makes them waterproof. Can sustain liquid spill and even prolonged submerge for hours.

Equip One Sticker
I Just Ran Out Of Time Sticker