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I Love Jaipur Coaster



Our sticker designs are also available as coasters to decorate your desks


  • Durable Plastic Coasters

  • Sublimation printing, hence spill proof.

  • Color never fades unless exposed to direct sunlight.

We have collaborated with Juststickers.in and help manufacture their coasters and even sell some of our own designs through their site, check them out here.

Necro Bear Coaster
This is where your heart lies coaster
Bio Hazard Coaster
C Universal Game Coding Coaster
Can’t Talk Now, MVP Boss Fight Coaster
To Unlock, Chant Alohomora Coaster
League Of Coders Coaster

A beverage coaster is an item to rest beverages upon. The coaster is used for protecting the table surface where the beverage is placed from spills or circular marks.

Our plastic coasters are printed using sublimation and are of highest color quality.

I Love Hyderabad Coaster
I Just Ran Out Of Time Coaster
Orc Coaster
Boolean Coaster
Age Of Coders Coaster
I Survived The Alien Invasion Coaster
Brain Stops During Exams Coaster
Devil Coaster
Minotaur Coaster
I Turn Coffee Into Games Coaster
Bear Guard Coaster
Mammoth Coaster
Lua Game Coding Coaster
Radio FM Coaster


Hog Boxer Coaster
Inception Device Coaster
League Of Engineers Coaster
Game On Coaster
Rock Star Coaster
Classified Coaster
Designated Coder Coaster
Call Of Coding Duty Coaster
Evolution Coaster
CIA – Caught In The Act Coaster
Were Wolf Coaster
Age Of Startups Coaster
Gaming Is In My DNA Coaster

What is a Coaster?

Flying Punjab Coaster
Every Master Was Once A Beginner Coaster
Monsters Not Allowed Coaster
Evil Bat Coaster
Baby Triceratops Coaster
Rhino Man Coaster
Yeti Coaster
Gamers Don’t Die, They Respawn Coaster
Sleepless Nights Because I Missed A Semi Colon Coaster
Green Mummy Coaster
I Am Proud To Be A Gamer Coaster
Dark Wizard Coaster
Skull Kraken Coaster
Rated G For Gamer Coaster
League Of Gamers Coaster
Life Has Only One One Up Coaster
I Love MMORPG Games Coaster
Mature Game Content Rating Coaster
English Vinglish Coaster

our bestseller coaster designs

Echo Coaster
Equip One Coaster
Stay A While And Listen Coaster
Plasma Gun Coaster
I Love Pune Coaster
Mute Button For People Coaster
Cartoon Dino Coaster
My Code Works Coaster
Chilled Green Guy Coaster
Ape Hero Coaster
Potions Coaster
I Have Lots Of Lives Coaster
Shoot Them With Success And Respawn Them With Smile Coaster