we Started with paper crafts and have expanded to video game art, coasters and reusable special stickers. Our focus is on-


  • Trendy Coasters

  • Reusable Stickers for Laptops and Mobiles.

  • Video Game Art both 3D and 2D for various Game Engines.

We have come a long way in last three years from printing and cutting paper crafts.

We have partnered with Juststickers.in and help manufacture their reusable stickers and even sell some of our own designs through their site, check it out here.

Our Video Game Art Packs are sold on web stores like Scirra.com. Check them here 

Why still using a

Paper Craft Logo?

Our website started as a papercraft website. Our logo is actually an inspiriation paper craft cutout of oscars award. Our speciality is creating famous things.

This logo represents our site from last four years and we are known by the paper craft oscar logo as brand on various websites. Unless we decide to completely rebrand our site, we have decided to continue with our current logo.